Hygiëneforum 2019

15 oktober 2019 - ReeHorst, Ede, NL

Afternoon sessions

During the afternoon sessions, participants can choose from one of four parallel sessions. In these sessions, specialist will elaborate on the topic of hygiene within a specific sector. Participants are invited to ask questions and take part in the discussion. Please take note: sessions 1 and 3 will be in English, sessions 2 and 4 will be in Dutch.

We are still in the process of contacting potential speakers for the afternoon sessions. Keep an eye on this page for updates!

Parallel afternoon sessions (14:00-15:45)

1. Home hygiene (EN)

A safe, healthy living environment starts with good hygiene at home. How to deal with the misconception that we are 'too clean'? How does hygiene relate to other demands at home, such as cleanliness (cleaning performance vs. disinfection) and sustainability (higher washing temperatures for hygiene vs. low temperatures for saving energy)?

oderator: prof. dr. Sally Bloomfield

14:00 Session introduction by moderator
14:10 Prof. dr. Dirk Bockmühl (Rhine-Waal University)

Squaring the circle - old and new challenges in home hygiene

14:30 Dr. Federico Pacini (Senior R&D Microbiologist, Reckitt Benckiser)

From the consumer's washing machine to a bench top model to test anti-malodor technologies

14:50 Rowshonara Syeda (National Infection Service, Public Health England)

e-Bug: an educational resource for children on hygiene and infection

15:10 Ghislaine Mittendorff, Coordinating Specialist Inspector (NVWA)

Consumer takes hygiene from home to work

15:40 Discussion and conclusions
2. Healthcare (NL)

The healthcare sector has to deal with vulnerable groups of people who are particularly susceptible to all sorts of infections. This session will focus on the importance of infection prevention for the wellbeing of patients ánd the huge decrease in healthcare costs this can bring.
At the same time, The Netherlands is highly appreciated for its level of expertise in the field of infection prevention. The speakers in this session will give their view on how The Netherlands can keep this position through several practical cases.

Moderator: Ronald van Welie

14:00 Session introduction by moderator
14:10 Prof. dr. Jan Kluytmans (Amphia hospital)

Control of microbial resistance in health care and the environment

14:40 Rita Brouwer (Alpheios B.V.)

Samen innoveren voor een betere zorg - partnerschap in hygiëne en infectiepreventie

15:10 Merel Langelaar (Healthcare inspectorate)

Patient safety, a matter of good cleansing and disinfection

15:40 Conclusions and discussion
3. Agriculture & food industry (EN)

Safety of foodstuffs starts at the basis: preventing animal diseases and contaminations. This session will focus on the new challenges this industry sector has to deal with in trying to safeguard a high hygiene standard. These high standards are the basis of success for the food and agriculture industry and its increasing size in The Netherlands. Speakers in this session will discuss the new hygiene-related challenges this industry faces.

Moderator: Marten Kops

14:00 Session introduction by moderator
14:10 Dr. Bernhard Meyer (Ecolab)

The risk of biocide resistance - viewpoint from food industry applications

14:40 Geert Hulpia (Cid Lines)

Contamination in milking machines and milk cooling tanks: a complete picture from the field

15:10 Peter Derks (Kleentec)/Gerrit van Sijpveld (Diversey)

Hygiene in control

15:40 Conclusions and discussion
4. Institutional cleaning (NL)

Schools, offices and libraries; stations, sports clubs and the hospitality sector; all places where people meet. And where people meet, good hygiene is very important. This session will start a discussion on the role of institutional cleaning in ensuring a good level of hygiene in an efficient way. What are key focal points in improving public hygiene? Next to efficient cleaning systems, well-trained personnel is of high importance in achieving this.

Moderator: Klaas Gravesteijn

14:00 Session introduction by moderator
14:05 Peter Molenaar (National Center for Hygiene and Safety (LCHV, RIVM))

Richtlijnen: vasthouden, afwijken en loslaten

14:30 Bert Schulting (DiverseyCare)

Reflecteren op hygiëne

14:55 Ing. Charlotte Michels-Breukers (Expert infection prevention)

Infectiepreventie en schoonmaak; Gewoon schoon, of toch iets meer dan dat..?

15:20 Peter Hamers (VSR)

Toetsen van kwaliteit: essentieel in het schoonmaakproces

15:45 Conclusions and discussion